Change Management

You want to realign your company while actively bringing your employees on board? Rely on our proven change management expertise.

There are many possible causes for far-reaching changes in a company. Typical examples include changes in customer requirements, bottlenecks in human resource management, mergers or rapid growth. We develop sustainable change strategies for you and support you during their implementation.

Our range of services includes:

  • Leadership coaching
  • Change process management
  • Internal communications
  • Design of the new organizational structure
  • Motivation monitoring at the target
  • Rapid initiation of measures to avoid fluctuation

These measures allow us to achieve:

  • Efficient implementation of change processes
  • Adjustment of the company to the new internal and external requirements
  • Enhanced employee motivation for the implementation of the changes
  • A new corporate culture, aligned with the corporate goals
  • Target-oriented organizational changes through restructuring support
  • Knowledge transfer between employees and management, adjusted to the respective changes and requirements
  • Smooth change processes
  • Efficient tool solutions for the development of technical products

Project example:

A multinational corporation takes over a Swedish medium-sized enterprise (SME). The group neglects the existing corporate culture and takes unfortunate actions in the search for synergy effects. This leads to high fluctuation, which threatens the success of the acquisition. A Swedish project manager from Orban Consulting with strong communication skills and mediator experience turns the tide; the acquisition becomes a success story.