Intercultural Competence

You would like to avoid frictions in transnational communication? Are your employees prejudiced against their colleagues from foreign sites?

Intercultural support of activities abroad leads to a significant increase in efficiency in transnational cooperation and in the alignment and communication processes in an international environment. We offer intercultural competence training with our certified intercultural trainers and team development coaches.

Our range of services for intercultural competence includes:

  • Country-specific intercultural training
  • Intercultural coaching for staff and multicultural teams
  • Expatriate training
  • Intercultural team building
  • Onboarding of foreign professionals and executives
  • Intercultural conflict mediation

This allows us to achieve:

  • Information transfer about foreign norms
  • A toolkit for executives to use during international assignments
  • Measurable reduction of stress and frustration in multicultural team settings
  • Proven reduction of cultural misunderstandings, which leads to higher employee satisfaction
  • Improved efficiency by reducing communication problems with foreign partners and subsidiaries

Project example:

A global player is struggling with far-reaching cultural misunderstandings between the German parent company and its Central Eastern European subsidiaries. Customer relations and the quality of the products suffer from a lack of transnational coordination among the different departments.

What our consultants accomplished:

  • Identified negative developments and miscommunications caused by organizational problems
  • Broadened the intercultural understanding among staff both in the parent company and the subsidiaries
  • Organized and implemented a cross-cultural mediation meeting attended by departments that were affected.