Who We are

We Help Our Clients Seize Their Opportunities

We are efficiency drivers. Our core competence is the organization of industrial companies. What makes us so special here is the operational experience we have gained with German top companies and our connections to Eastern Europe.

Special circumstances require special approaches. We find them. When the desired business results are not being generated, a change in culture is necessary or a new organizational structure is waiting to be rolled out, we will steer your company to a sustainable road to success.

We provide support in both individual measures and complete reorganizations. Our field of activities spans the entire range from the workshop level to complete sites. In these efforts, we ensure success by temporarily assigning line functions to our experts directly in your Company.

Our Distinguishing Features

Our Approach Is Different

The success of any external help is highly dependent on the way in which it is implemented in practice. Many consultants analyze companies and then merely present conceptual approaches. We, by contrast, stay on board after the analysis of potentials and implement the action plan. This means that we fully embrace the responsibility arising from the task at hand and support your projects in cooperation with you until their successful completion.

We Have Practical Experience

We are not ivory tower theorists. All our consultants have at least ten years of leadership experience in industrial environments with global backgrounds. We communicate as equals, understand your requirements, structures, and industry, and speak your language. These are indispensable prerequisites for solving your challenges.

We Work as Line Managers in Your Organization

This means that we assume internal positions in your company for an interim period to efficiently implement the agreed solutions in close cooperation with you. A line position with managerial powers and responsibilities makes our performance clear and measurable. It is not possible to blame others for lack of success.


We Have Gathered Experience in Eastern Europe

The prerequisites for successful organizational development differ from region to region, so special approaches might be required under special circumstances. Our many years of experience, also in Eastern European markets, enable us to successfully handle the prevailing mentality and peculiarities. For the same reason, we can, of course, also help you obtain grants and EU funding.