In Europe The Automotive Industry represents 7% of the EU’s total GDP, 6.7% of all EU jobs, and 11.5% of manufacturing jobs, and has been in the epicenter of each major industrial revolution with various revolutionary phases and innovations affecting its core activities

Automotive Industry - shift from Industrialization to Automation

The automotive industry’s landscape is ever evolving with the rise of new players from the tech sector, contributing to a dynamic and competitive environment. Carmakers have already introduced robotics, additive manufacturing, the Internet of Things (IoT) and various other related technologies in their core activities with the end-to-end digitization of value chain widely considered as the future of the industry.

In addition to electrification and autonomy, connectivity has become a key feature in modern vehicles: Advanced infotainment systems, in-car connectivity, and smart technologies are now integral parts of the automotive experience. This shift reflects a broader trend toward a more interconnected and digital automotive ecosystem.
OEMs, suppliers, middle actors, retailers, and others are currently reshaping their activities and adjusting into the new reality.

The push for sustainability has led to increased production of hybrid models and the exploration of alternative fuels. As the industry navigates these changes, the pursuit of innovation, sustainability, and adaptability remains paramount for continued growth and relevance in the rapidly evolving global automotive landscape. 

Key challenges of Automotive Industry Operations:

Efficient operations within the automotive industry are essential for delivering high-quality vehicles to customers, managing production costs, and staying competitive in a constantly evolving global market. SCM, Quality Management and Compliance are among some of the cornerstones in securing a resilient and profitable business:


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