Operational Excellence

In a production setting, operational excellence involves the systematic identification and elimination of waste, the implementation of best practices, and the continuous pursuit of improvement.

Analyze, Optimize, Train: We elevate operations for sustained excellence

We emphasize continuous improvement across all aspects of the business and within all business processes by creating a culture where management and employees are invested in business outcomes and empowered to implement change.

We rely on a mix of proven and innovative methods, management and moderation techniques: Through the application of lean principles, the Six Sigma approach and other operations methodologies our team of experienced consultants can support you on this journey.

One very effective measure is our 360* Manufacturing Site Assessment Tool. Taking a holistic approach that addresses not only the processes themselves but also the people and technology involved, identifying bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement.

Every assessment is based on specific needs, industrial specifications, industrial benchmark values and dialogue revolving around challenges and strategical focus. By defining the desired objective of the analysis, depth of examination, we provide you with a road map to secure you reach your potentials and planned changes.

Customers challenges triggering the service

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Our cases

Low productivity in European automotive plant


A listed company is unsatisfied with low productivity in a European plant.

Results and added value:

Metal processing company with low OEE and high scrap rate


A German metal processing company is suffering from low productivity and high scrap rate.

Results and added value:

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Dr. Peter Orban

Chief Executive Officer

PhD and MS in Industrial Eng. from RWTH Aachen, MS in Mechanical Eng. from Dartmouth College (US). Extensive leadership experience from market-leading companies.

Core competencies: Automotive, Operational Excellence, Restructuring, Expert for Eastern Europe business strategies

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