Sustainable Progress & ESG Reporting

From analysis to development of required measures to their implementation; we put our strategic experience and multi-faceted know-how to work 

Measurement, Reporting and Performance

From design phase to manufactured product – to consider sustainability from the get-go, defining sustainability ambitions, building the business case and developing sustainability roadmaps can ensure a strong foundation.

In an era where the public, employees, stakeholders, and regulatory entities are placing heightened demands on businesses to prioritize sustainability, the act of quantifying and disclosing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) performance is no longer optional – it is a necessity with the requirement for all publicly traded companies above 500+ employees to report on their sustainability efforts.

Therefore, organizations are increasingly pursuing more sustainable business models and it is increasingly becoming a competitive value both in terms of demonstrating good business practices, attracting talent, preparing the company for the future and accommodation customers and business partners expectations.

We customize our services to our clients’ specific needs, industries, and objectives. Our team supports you and shows its commitment with the clearly defined goal of creating sustainable value for your company through successful transformation. Some examples of key EU climate policies includes:  

To support this transition, the EU is investing €270 billion over the next four decades (on average 1.5% of its GDP per year) contributing to bring significant co-benefits through innovation, development of new growth sectors, a reduction of resource consumption, less dependency on energy imports, and health benefits. As your Strategic Sustainability partner we can help you. 

Pragmatism, Legal Requirements and Strategic Sustainability

Compliance is key in our swiftly evolving global landscape, sustainability has shifted from being mere jargon to an absolute imperative.

As service clusters maintain their pivotal role in the European Union’s economic framework, it becomes paramount to ingrain sustainability at their very essence. But why is this imperative, and what implications does it hold for the future of EU regulation, encompassing compliance, reporting, and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors?

In 2011, the European Commission published a roadmap for moving to a competitive low-carbon economy in 2050. This established clear milestones for delivering its long-term vision: to cut domestic greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050 compared to 1990.

The EU’s target is to reduce greenhouse emissions inside the EU by at least 40% by 2030 by impementing a coherent set of climate and energy policies.

Our range of services include:

Rethinking CO₂ reduction in design of products

In the realm of sustainability reporting, we recognize the paramount importance of integrating design principles to curtail CO₂ emissions and foster a circular economy throughout the entire product life cycle. Our emphasis lies on harnessing the potential of design to mitigate environmental impact and establish a sustainable, closed-loop economy that extends across the entire lifespan of products and services.

Most of the CO₂ consumption for modern production facilities can be traced back to the R&D process (development phase) and it is therefore crucial to build up resilience in your production process. This can be done by focusing on sustainable value chains, net zero transitions, measurement, partnering with regulatory agencies, product lifecycle management and much more.

Today, businesses face mounting pressure to reconfigure their value chains for both profit and sustainability. We advocate ‘designing for impact’ by helping organizations infuse sustainability across their entire value chain, from R&D onwards.

Rethinking CO₂ reduction in design of products and from design phase to manufactured product – defining sustainability ambitions, building the business case, and developing sustainability roadmaps is imperative in developing an environment geared for the future.

Our goal: to create trusted, net-zero, and circular value chains that benefit the bottom line while delivering sustainable impact. These efforts are based on mutual trust, cooperation as partners, and long-term added value for our clients. This approach has enabled us to work with numerous international industrial companies as consulting partners over many years. 

Our cases

Reduction of carbon emissions by reshaping manufacturing footprint​


A large European manufacturer of household appliances established an environmental management system.

At that time the customer had a huge production in Asia with export to Europe and North America. 

It turned out that the largest cause of carbon emission in the group were transport from Asian plants to the target markets in Northern America and Europe.

The challenge was, how to minimize the effects.

Results and added value:

Process Improvement for Biogas, CO₂ recovery​ SGS company


Clients Sustainable Gas Solutions consists of two different companies.

Both companies have historically their own End-to-End processes (Sales and execution of projects). The two companies are merged into one, and a “best practice” process is needed.

Results and added value:

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Christian Beul

Business Development

Experienced Executive responsible for building and developing networks and strategic partnerships, as well as operational and sustainable growth.

Core competencies: Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Leadership

Sofie Antonsen

Project Planning & ESG Reporting

Forging strategic partnerships and planning sustainable business solutions including stakeholder management. 

Core competencies: Project Planning, Sustainable Business Solutions, ESG Reporting and Documentation

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