Valuable quality management entails effective communication from top down to bottom-up, dispersing necessary procedures in the organization.

Creating a roadmap guiding towards solutions

In a highly competitive market, quality can be a key differentiator. This is especially crucial in the automotive industry, and a central point of focus for both manufacturers and suppliers.

Companies that prioritize quality management gain a competitive edge and can command premium prices for their products. In short making quality a part of the everyday business to benefit the long-term business goals.

We work with quality management systems that encompass every aspect of the manufacturing process implementing tools like Six Sigma and Lean manufacturing to identify and eliminate inefficiencies in the production line.

By adhering to principles like customer focus, process optimization, and preventative measures, production companies can consistently deliver high-quality products. The benefits of quality management extend to customer satisfaction, cost reduction, safety, and competitive advantages, making it an indispensable component of the industry’s operations.

We build-up a process map, then cluster and measure the data on a holistic and productional level. Going through the steps, reiterating defined goals, stakeholders, processes etc. we can determine if the customer is achieving their goal or not and support the path towards a more profitable and sustainable business model.

Our range of services include:

Quality management is imperative in ensuring the safety, reliability, and high standards throughout the development and production phase. The industry’s relentless pursuit of high-quality products and services has led to the development of sophisticated quality management systems that encompass every aspect of the manufacturing process. 

Applying the right Quality Management System & Technology for Supervision and Predictive Maintenance

Imagine driving down the road as your dashboard alerts you of an array of risks, operational issues or similar that demands your attention. If the system is overloaded with information and warnings, it will be hard to see clearly which issues to prioritize and you can get lost in the process.

Using this metaphor for prioritizing a risk analysis suited to the situation as-is, can help you look ahead at what risks or costs might be on the horizon and help you tacle them before they reach a critical stage that can cost time and ressources.

Having the right quality management system in place ensures that manufacturers meet these requirements, reducing the risk of legal and regulatory issues, sustain customer satisfaction and provide significant cost reduction that benefits the entire eco-system from manufacturer to customer. 

We focus on key factors in achieving this by our guiding principles:

Turn your production data into an asset

Data collection and analysis play a crucial role in quality management. Automakers as well as a vast number of production environments across sectors use statistical tools and quality control charts to monitor and improve processes, ensuring consistency and reducing defects.

Quality management practices lead to a reduction in defects and rework, resulting in lower production costs. It also minimizes warranty claims and associated expenses.

The benefits of quality management extend to customer satisfaction, cost reduction, safety, and competitive advantage, making it an indispensable component of the industry’s operations. As automotive technology continues to advance, quality management will remain a driving force in delivering safe, reliable, and high-performance vehicles to consumers worldwide.

We can support you with our business approach to quality, leaning on our extensive experiences implementing some of the most influential and proven methods and tools.

Gain Competitive Advantages

Quality management is increasingly an indispensable component, providing a competitive advantage in the manufacturing and processing industry ensuring consistency in production, reduce defects, and lower costs.

High-quality products contribute to a strong brand reputation, earning customer trust and loyalty. This reputation can lead to increased sales and market share.

By working collaboratively with suppliers, organizations  can improve their communication and strengthens supplier relationships, leading to increased trust and loyalty. This proactive approach helps identify and rectify quality issues early, reducing the risk of supply chain disruptions and customer dissatisfaction.

Our consultants comes with industry specific standards knowledge and help create and carry out a roadmap for improving your processes and projects.

Contemporary male specialist of quality control department checking new machine

Our cases

Large-scale production plant in Poland


The customer was burdened by delivery issues, output quality, stoppages on the line due to missing materials. One of the challenges was lack of logistics planning and management being too optimistic with the OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency). In short, they sold more capacity than they had.

Results and added value:

Difficulty to meet scheduled deliverables


Project organization failed to meet scheduled deliverables, the required quality, and the expected organizational setup with defined interfaces.

Results and added value:

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Konrad Czachor

General Manager Poland
Leading expert towards designing and implementing of Business Management Systems  IATF, EHS, ISO). 

Core compentencies: Designing  custom-made efficient solutions, extensive industry network within Poland and beyond. Passionate of the Automotive World

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