Supplier Development

Supplier development is an important part of your overall supply chain management strategy and essential for ensuring that the right suppliers are selected to deliver quality products and services

The key to improving performance and driving growth in your supply chain

Supplier Development is the process of collaborating with strategic suppliers to improve performance and typically works to increase capacity in the areas of manufacturing, product development, compliance, and shipping,

It differentiates from Supplier management by being more than ensuring that the supplier lives up to contractual requirements. There is much to gain with a Supplier development programme like increase quality, reduce costs, shorten lead times, and improve delivery performance and benefit both buyer and supplier(s).

Supplier development is important because it ensures that your supplier evolves with you. If you outgrow your supplier or manufacturer you may be forced to find a replacement. It’s more convenient and less costly to manage issues in your existing supplier relationship than to go out and forge a new one.

Multiple gains from a good supplier development program:

Our range of services include:

Our cases

Management of Shortages of Single Source Material Automotive Industry


Many of the products at the customer’s site require specific single source material. The manufacturer has decided to cut the supply of this product. This has led to an unforeseen and massive shortage on the global market. Because of the reduced supply, current production could not be covered. No alternative suppliers for product and the remaining stocks are limited.

Results and added value:

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László Frank

Project Manager Hungary

Setup and management of new production sites for automotive suppliers. International leadership experience and profound industry knowledge.

Core competencies: Operational excellence, interim management, supply chain and supplier development

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