Greenfield, Brownfield, Expansion & Relocation

The strategic decisions surrounding plant developments, expansion initiatives, and relocations represent critical facets of organizational growth and transformation

Navigating Site Search, Expansion and Relocation Opportunities

Expansion initiatives, whether through Greenfield or Brownfield projects, require meticulous planning and execution.

Relocation projects, involving the physical movement of facilities or operations, demand a careful orchestration of logistics and change management.

At Orban Consulting we have the experience and competencies to act as strategic partners and guide you through the complexities, ensuring minimal disruption to operations, workforce engagement, and seamless adaptation to new environments.

Concurrently, we will solve your capacity problems at your old location.

Strategic Moves:

Our range of services include:

Greenfield Projects:

Brownfield Projects:

Expansion Initiatives:

Relocation Projects:

Our cases

Low cost production site for manufacturer in Central Eastern Europe

The customer faced big growth with highly utilized factories in Germany. Additional capacity was needed respecting the short logistics lead time requirement of 24h. At the same time, it was also a question of reacting to competitors and significantly reducing production costs.

The customer wanted to start with a rented building of about 1,600 sqm production and logistics area for up to 200 blue-collar worker.


To find an optimal location for the customer, we used the already tested OC standard process. First, we determined the customer’s requirements and started with the country selection. We searched for buildings for the client and organized on-site visits (buildings, authorities, reference companies, service providers).

Results and added value:

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Mario Schade

Executive Consultant

Multifaceted leadership and project management experience in the automotive, chemical, and FMCG industries.

Core competencies: Operational excellence, site search and setup

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