Site Search & Transfer

Expansion at your existing site is not possible? Your company has to build up more capacity? With our support, you will master any challenge.

In the selection and construction of your new plant, we will help you deal with all challenges and clear all hurdles. Concurrently, we will solve your capacity problems at your old location.

Our range of services in the construction of the new plant includes:

  • Selection and planning of the new site
  • Examination of eligibility for subsidies or grants
  • Employee selection and training
  • Construction and setup of the new factory (layout, installation of machinery and equipment, etc.)
  • Project management und on-site supervision until the new plant managers arrive

In the closure of the old site, we take care of the entire capacity reduction process, including:

  • Staff downsizing and layoffs
  • Liquidation of machinery, assets, and real estate properties
  • Adjustment of the organizational structure and processes to the leaner company
  • Reallocation of production and logistics processes

Project examples:

  • The setup of the Eastern European site for a German automotive supplier
  • Plant closure for a Swiss industrial company