Project Management

Projects must deliver not only safe, high-quality products on time, but also financial benefits. Trust our A Level project management and strong leadership capacity.

Your projects deviate significantly from the agreed costs, milestones are not reached, and there is growing uncertainty about how to manage their financial and technical scope as well as customer and supplier relationships? Our project managers will create improvement solutions with you and your team for rapid results.

Our range of services includes:

  • Smart project navigation: project, portfolio, and program management
  • Management of: post-merger integration and transformation projects (reorganization or mergers and acquisitions), research and development, and platform development
  • High risk and complex project management, project turnaround management, and restructuring of project organization
  • Implementation of margin and free cash flow improvements and risk management programs (including cross-organizational cost containment)

This allows us to:

  • Stabilize projects and avoid internal and external conflict pitfalls
  • Manage multiple and complex contract landscapes
  • Lead and structure a transnational organization and team
  • Successfully reset project baselines and ensure fully engaged and committed teams
  • Identify and prioritize key drivers and their triggers according to their impact
  • Turn contractual gaps and ambiguities into advantages
  • Prioritize team effort
  • Install and facilitate high level reporting across the entire organization
  • Regain stakeholder trust with optimal satisfaction

Project example:

Project organization failed to meet scheduled deliverables, the required quality, and the expected organizational setup with defined interfaces.

Our Measures

  • Created cross-functional and performance-based execution setup
  • Identified and managed risks and potential opportunities
  • Improved financial and operational situation significantly

The Result

  • Faster throughput times
  • Lower warranty costs
  • Lower quality escapes
  • An increase in variation orders