Our Team

Smart Minds and Winning Personalities – for Any Task

Our goal is simple: we pursue the highest standards in everything we do. Excellence in every respect is our ambition and yardstick. Our team consists of experts and specialists from various fields and disciplines. Each individual can draw on many years of experience in operational leadership positions in industrial companies.

We put together an interdisciplinary expert team geared to the task you have assigned to us and your requirements. This stable team will support you throughout our cooperation. Get to know our team of executives and consultants: 

Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Portrait von Dr. Peter Orban

Dr. Peter Orban

Company Owner, General Manager for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

PhD and MS in Industrial Eng. at RWTH Aachen, MS in Mechanical Eng. at Dartmouth College (USA)

Prior to establishing Orban Consulting GmbH, Dr. Orban held managing director positions in various companies in Germany and Eastern Europe. He also handled restructuring and organizational development projects, drawing on his extensive leadership experience.

Core competencies: restructuring, expert for Eastern Europe

Portrait von Andreas Skuin

Andreas Skuin

Partner, Head of Business Development & Sales

MS in Business Administration (Dipl.-Kfm. t.o.) at Univ. Stuttgart, MBA at Univ. Augsburg (Germany) & J. Hopkins Univ. (USA)

Relevant for Andreas Skuin was his engagement as Executive Consultant at an international consulting company for lean management, the establishment of a systemic consulting firm as well as his activities as key account manager at a multinational technology group.

Core competencies: business development, leadership development

Portrait von Klara Denzin

Klara Denzin

Senior Consultant

Degrees in Business Administration (Dipl.-Kff.) from the University of Cologne and (Dipl.-Betrw.) from Corvinus University of Budapest

After gaining professional experience in an international management consultancy, Klara Denzin established her own consulting firm, supporting companies in Eastern Europe in areas such as organizational development.

Core competencies: site search and setup, organizational development

Portrait von Anton Halbich

Anton Halbich

Senior Consultant

Degrees in Engineering (Dipl.-Ing.) from the Technical University of Darmstadt and Industrial Engineering (Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing.) from RWTH Aachen

Anton Halbich worked as plant manager at a German Diesel engine manufacturer and at various U.S. mechanical engineering groups. In addition, he held leadership positions in small and medium-sized enterprises from the German automotive supplier industry.

Core competencies: restructuring, expert for operations

Portrait von Thomas Michael

Thomas Michael

Senior Consultant

Degree in Engineering (Dipl.-Ing.) from Beuth UAS in Berlin

Thomas Michael’s focus is on the following industries: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, injection molding, stamping technology, metalworking / machining and precision assembly. He was management board member and managing director at various German and Eastern European companies and one Japanese group.

Core competencies: operational excellence, production relocation, interim management

Portrait von Willi Isaak

Willi Isaak

Senior Consultant

Associate Degree from FOF College Shawnee / USA, Construction Mechanic

Willi Isaak was responsible for the setup and specialization of the operational excellence unit at various technology companies. You can benefit from his hands-on mentality in areas such as shop floor management (SFM) in production, logistics and administration.

Core competencies: operational excellence, shop floor management, leadership training

Portrait von Jürgen Straub

Jürgen Straub

Senior Consultant

Degree in Electrical Engineering (Dipl.-Ing.) from Darmstadt UAS

Jürgen Staub has gained extensive leadership experience and technical expertise in the automotive industry and electronics. Prior to joining us, he worked as managing director, chief operating officer, and plant manager in both German small and medium-sized enterprises and multinational groups.

Core competencies: change management, turnaround management, mergers & acquisitions, restructuring


Portrait von Klaus U. Volstrup

Klaus U. Volstrup

General Manager for Scandinavia and Senior Consultant

Master of Laws (Cand. jur.) from the University of Copenhagen

Klaus Volstrup managed product lines and production sites in Scandinavia and Central Europa for a global rail vehicle manufacturer. He managed large cross-border projects, and international development and transformation projects.

Core competencies: project management, restructuring, interim management

Portrait von Kåre Michelsen

Kåre Michelsen

Senior Consultant

BS Electrical Engineering from Aarhus University (Denmark)

Kåre Michelsen held various leadership positions in the rail vehicle technology, wind energy, and telecommunications industries. His focus is on the areas of quality management, shop floor management, and the management of international projects.

Core competencies: quality management, operational excellence

Hungary and Romania

Portrait von Andrea Erőss

Andrea Erőss

General Manager for Hungary and Romania and Senior Consultant

Degree in Business Administration (Dipl.- Betrw.) from the Budapest Business School (BGE)

During her career in the industrial sector in Hungary, Andrea Erőss worked as head of human resources for German, French, and U.S. companies. In this role, she performed a wide range of managerial tasks in human resources and also handled large-scale workforce adjustments.

Core competencies: change management, workforce adjustment

Portrait von Csaba Bácskai

Csaba Bácskai

Senior Consultant

BS Technical Manager and Security Manager from Gábor Dénes College (GDF) in Budapest

Csaba Bácskai can draw on over 20 years of leadership experience in multinational companies and held operations manager and plant manager positions. In addition, he managed various LEAN transformations, introduced visual management systems and worked as leadership coach.

Core competencies: operational excellence, site setup

Portrait von Cristian Birta

Cristian Birta

Senior Consultant

MS in Engineering from the Technical University of Oradea, and MEng from the University of Targu Mures (Romania)

Cristian Birta gained extensive experience in leadership positions in small and medium-sized enterprises and global companies from the automotive supplier industry. He specializes in site setup and development.

Core competencies: site setup, operational excellence, total productive management

Portrait von Attila Csapó

Attila Csapó

Senior Consultant

Degree in Engineering (MSc) from the University of Arad (Romania)

Attila Csapó worked previously as a process optimization engineer and team leader in the automotive industry. He has extensive experience in continuous improvement, time study, and production and layout planning.

Core competencies: lean manufacturing, crisis management

Portrait von Klaus Kolb

Klaus Kolb

Senior Consultant

Mechanical Engineering Technician and Business Administration Expert (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)

Klaus Kolb worked in the automotive supplier industry for more than 20 years as managing director of German companies’ subsidiaries in Central and Eastern Europe. He successfully led production sites out of critical situations and also skillfully mastered unpleasant challenges.

Core competencies: interim management, restructuring, new product introduction

Portrait von István Kovács

István Kovács

Senior Consultant

MSEng from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

István Kovács has more than 20 years of experience in the areas of operational excellence and restructuring. He held the position of operations manager in international industrial companies’ Eastern European subsidiaries. Through projects in the field, he has also honed specialist skills in site setup in the UK.

Core competencies: operational excellence, restructuring

Portrait von Calin Lupulescu

Calin Lupulescu

Senior Consultant

Degree in Engineering (PhD) from the Technical University of Timisoara (Romania)

Calin Lupulescu has over 20 years of corporate management experience Electronic Manufacturing Services and automotive industries in several areas: quality, operations, program management, and procurement.

Core competencies: supplier development, operational excellence

Portrait von Gábor B. Tóth

Gábor B. Tóth

Senior Consultant

Degrees in Engineering (Dipl.-Ing.) from the TU of Budapest and in Business Administration (Dipl.-Kfm.) from Corvinus Univ. of Budapest, and an MBA from CWRU Cleveland

After his successful career at Arthur Andersen, Gábor B. Tóth held the positions of Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer, and Regional Chief Operating Officer at a UK group in Eastern Europe. He then assumed responsibility for operations in the group’s holding company.

Core competencies: restructuring, mergers & acquisitions, post-merger integration

Portrait von Edina Törő

Edina Törő

Senior Consultant

MEd from Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, and MBA from Cornell University (USA)

Edina Törő worked as human resources manager for international companies in the media, banking, telecommunications, and industrial sectors. Her valuable contributions to our team include her wide-ranging expertise regarding HR issues.

Core competencies: HR management, business coaching, reorganization

Portrait von Mario Schade

Mario Schade

Senior Consultant

Degree in Industrial Engineering (Dipl.-Ing.) from the University of Rostock, and in Business Administration from the Hogeschool van Utrecht

Mario Schade held the position of managing director in a Swiss technology company’s Hungarian plant and worked as production and supply chain consultant. In addition, he can draw on his multifaceted leadership and project management experience in the automotive, chemical, and fast moving consumer goods industries.

Core competencies: operational excellence, site search and setup

Portrait von Egmont Schaffhauser

Egmont Schaffhauser

Senior Consultant

Degree in Engineering (Dipl.-Ing.) from the Technical University of Budapest, and M.A. from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Egmont Schaffhauser held department head and managing director positions at various multinational companies in the rail vehicle and automotive industries. His work mainly focused on Hungary, where he repositioned and realigned several production sites.

Core competencies: change management, restructuring, reorganization

Portrait von Dr. Dan Tulvan

Dr. Dan Tulvan

Senior Consultant

Degree in Engineering (PhD) from the Technical University of Timisoara (Romania)

Dr. Tulvan worked as a plant manager and managing director for various small and medium-sized enterprises from the automotive supplier industry and companies from the electrical industry. He is an expert in the setup of (greenfield and brownfield) production sites and reorganization.

Core competencies: site setup, restructuring, six sigma, interim management

Portrait von Attila Vass

Attila Vass

Senior Consultant

MSEng from the University of Miskolc (Hungary)

Prior to taking on the position of managing director at an international automotive supplier, Attila Vass worked in operations management at a Scandinavian white goods manufacturer for 20 years. He supported the setup of production facilities in Europe, Central and South America, and Arab countries.

Core competencies: production relocation, operational excellence, reorganization

Poland, Czech Republik, and Slovakia

Portrait von Hans-Peter Engel

Hans-Peter Engel

General Manager for Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia and Senior Consultant

Degree in Business Administration (Dipl.-Kfm.) from Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg

Hans-Peter Engel’s activities have focused on Poland for more than 20 years. Prior to enhancing our team as a consultant, he worked as managing director at German and French industrial companies’ Polish sites. He can look back on wide-ranging and in-depth experience in rail vehicle construction.

Core competencies: interim management, change management, operational excellence